Thursday, 11 January 2018


UPDATE:  12/01/18

Bizarre, that the rabid 'antis' and the rabid 'pros' are singing from the same hymn sheet in their belief that Operation Grange are performing some kind of cover up.  The 'antis' believe they are covering up for the parents and the 'pros' believe they are covering up for government agents.  Other than that, their arguments are pretty much the same.

The 'antis' drawn to the case by their penchant for conspiracies have been resolute on the 'cover up' theory since day 1.  And that's where their thinking has stayed and festered.  But conspiracy is not altogether a dirty word, conspiracies can and do happen on a daily basis.  There has been a conspiracy in the missing Madeleine case.  If there hadn't been, it would have ended 10 years ago.  It is when conspiracies go off into the land of fantasy and speculation, that they become problematic, in a time wasting sense.

All the 'pros' commenting on my blog are convinced that not only is there a cover up, but that all the police working on the investigation are corrupt.  Not the sort of thing you would expect from someone speaking on behalf of a missing child and to whom everything they have asked for has been given. 

The McCanns, it could be said, have good reason to be angry with Scotland Yard and Operation Grange.  They haven't found the McCanns' missing daughter nor have they convinced the public that they [the parents] were not involved.  But those are the not the reasons given by the pro defenders, they cite other unrelated cases as evidence of police corruption. 

Ideally they would like Madeleine's case to be filed away unsolved.  Why? and Wtf?  That's not a good result for Madeleine or her parents, it means no-one will be looking for her.  I suspect SY have told the parents Madeleine is dead, and they are not accepting it.  But I suspect the result they hoped for, Madeleine is alive and findable, is the least likely conclusion of OG.

It seems the remains of the McCann Media Monitoring department (not their finest) are using my blog to plant seeds of distrust in Operation Grange.  Do they have no hope whatsoever that OG will produce evidence that clears the parents and their friends completely?  Why so negative towards a report that hasn't been published?  What are their fears? 

Why aren't the Pro McCanns pro Operation Grange?  Why aren't they thanking and defending those detectives who have put so much time into searching for their daughter?.   I have watched many docu-dramas where the loved ones of missing people bond with those police officers who pick up the cold case files, they become friends of the family.  There doesn't appear to be any bonding here, nor any sense of gratitude for what Operation Grange are doing.  They are playing a two hand game -  publicly thanking Scotland Yard, but privately sending out social media warriors to diss them.  

Sadly for them, they no longer have the power to destroy a police officer's life and career in the British tabloids, as far as I know, none of the UK tabloids have run with OG officers having lunch or coming off a 24hr shift, or indeed infantile name calling like 'sardine munchers'.  I sincerely hope there is some sort of ruling, or mutual moral agreement between the police and the media, not to target the private lives of police officers working on homicide cases.    The media has much to be ashamed of in it's persecuting of targets selected by the McCann family, police officers especially.   

But a quick word on protests.  With so many other far more newsworthy topics, it's likely there will not be much interest in the conclusions of Operation Grange.  Most people have never heard of it and don't care.  But those who have a good idea of how far the rabbit hole actually goes will not accept the cover up of the initial actions of the incumbent government and the British police agencies who flew out to PDL.  The imperialistic assumption that our police are better than your police.  Gerry and Kate are already in a prison of their own making.  They are stuck with the fake goody two shoes personalities they themselves devised.  They left no room for human error, they are perfect.  An oft used word in Kate's book.

The strive for perfection can send even the most stable over the edge.  Think of an OCD guy mowing a camomile lawn in exact horizontal lines, being confronted by a small mutt cocking a leg? Or worse, squatting?  For myself, perfect is not a word I use often, not even when my Yorkshires are flowing over and a dark crunchy brown.  Even my sponges, at which I am now genius level, I prefer to use the term 'Paul Hollywood handshake'. 
For my disasters, I growl at my guests to fill in the feedback form, if they dare!        

But I jest.  I strive for perfection with my writing, and I torment myself daily for not being good enough.  I want to blame everyone and everything else, but I accept it's all down to me.  Even if I write something blinding with thousands of hits, I am left in terror that I won't be able to do it again.  An artist's life is not a happy lot!  Nor is the life of anyone seeking an insane level of perfection.   

But back to the idea of protests when Operation Grange ends.  Do enough people feel that strongly?  I suspect not.  Gerry and Kate are not cartoon villains like Toby Young, they are the parents who lost a child.  An angry mob shouting for their arrest is never going to be tasteful or endearing.  

I think on the angry mob front, all that remains is the half a dozen who post in the cesspit and in MMM.  Most people have managed to keep their interest in this case in perspective.   Personally, I wouldn't be happy if the blame for not finding Madeleine was placed on the PJ and Goncalo Amaral. Though I don't think for one minute that will be happening, because if it were, the McCanns right now, would be jubilant. 


The announcement of DCI Rowley's retirement in March has sparked off another round of posts that put 2 and 2 together and make 5.  I doubt Mr. Rowley (I don't know his rank) had much, if anything to do with the case of missing Madeleine.  As a senior officer, the Madeleine case was probably one among hundreds that he oversaw, whether he or someone else is in overall charge, won't make any difference to the outcome. 
I get the impression most people still believe there is a cover up afoot and when the funding ends in March, that will be it.  It will be filed under some sort of Official Secrets that decrees it should not be looked at for 75 years.  That is probably the ideal end game for those feeling very uncomfortable right now, but realistically, it's very unlikely. 
Can you imagine the announcement:  'We know what happened to Madeleine McCann, but we are not telling anyone' or 'We don't know, were nearly there a couple of time and thanks for the top ups, but we got nothing' or 'none of us have got any intention of telling anyone what we have been doing this past 6 years, so don't ask'. 
There is no diplomatic way to end this multimillion pound investigation without questions being asked.  I was going to say, public outcry, but, see previous blog, the McCann case has slipped right down the public interest scale.  If it ended with no result however, even the moderate would protest.
From the perspective of Gerry and Kate McCann, they fear their enemies are salivating at their impending downfall.  They may well be right, their fame has attracted the worse of human nature, but this is not a case to feel smug about.  No-one wins.  I personally have never had any interest or stomach for retribution, nor the punishment side of crime and punishment and it's not the focus of this blog.   It is horrible to see anyone suffer, even if they have brought that suffering on themselves.

If the objective of Operation Grange was to clear the parents of all suspicion, their actions have done the opposite.  If they are to relieve the parents of that ominous cloud, they will have to prove Madeleine was abducted by a stranger they failed to catch.  Can you imagine the CVs of the 30+ detectives assigned to Operation Grange.  'Spent 6 years working of a missing child that failed to achieve a result'.  

Once you apply logic to the arguments of those who claim the investigation is a cover up, you can see how nonsensical their arguments are.  They completely overlook the human factor.  The men and women working on OG are human beings with emotions, opinions and values.  This case is about a missing child, the victim is their focus.  To assume that they would conspire to cover up the disappearance of a child is insulting.  I cringe at the insults hurled at the known names of the detectives who have worked on this case.  The childish allegations that these men and women are using this case for excursions to the Algarve are, effectively, telling us that is what they would do, because where else could the idea have come from?  Most people aren't scumbags.  Even I, not the world's best employee, gave everything to the jobs I had - aren't we all inherently driven to be the best that we can be?  Why would any one of those officers meekly accept
a glaring gap in their career history?  Or indeed a skeleton that may at any time, fall out of the closet

The case of missing Madeleine was a huge knock in the faith if human nature, in a way it was an awakening.  Almost daily confirmation that the MSM did in fact have the power to make a lie, the truth.  Had Madeleine disappeared before the internet, the alternate truth, the story of Goncalo Amaral would have been contained by borders.  Now, no matter how many victories a claimant has against the tabloids, they cannot stop the spread of news and information on the internet.  The first point of call for most people's news. News agencies can no longer distort the news by showing just one angle because most people carry around camera phones.  And there is no legal way to stop alternate views from being discussed on social media.   

Goncalo's Truth of the Lie, is not available on the shelves of British bookshops, but it is instantly available, and translated, online.  As are the Portuguese police files. Kudos to Gerry and Kate on that one, not even Donald Trump can get a book banned!  Perhaps Clarence should mention it in his CV and get it off to the Donald immediately.  And for those who accuse me of 'hate', yes, hands up, I do indeed have an extra special dislike for book banners and burners.

I do happen to believe, that the truth will out in March.  And I think March will be a very good time to release news some would prefer was overtaken by bigger events.  The mad reign of the self anointed God that is Donald Trump, will come to a spectacular end, by March I am sure, and the fall out will spread to the UK, as the British public question Theresa May's over eagerness to deal with him.   An influx of scandals may be fighting for the front pages and the headlines.  Interest in the Madeleine case is probably at it's lowest ebb, but, depending on the revelations, it still has the potential to cause another massive media wave.  It might be that a human interest story could distract the public's attention from bigger things that are going on, or it may in itself be the bigger thing, depending on how deep OG go. 

Everyone I think, even the parents, have given up on the possibility of Madeleine's disappearance having a good ending.  Neither Madeleine or her remains have been found, and some will never accept closure until she is.  The parents may well know the conclusions that Scotland Yard have reached, and it may be they have rejected them.  There is a good chance they will re-start their own search for a live child, in which case any rift between the parents and the police will become glaringly apparent.  

I believe it will end in March, and with the precedent set by the PJ, the investigation files will be transparent, especially as these files will have to be added to the PJ files when the case concludes in Portugal.  The only narrative that will fit the facts and evidence available is the true one.

Ps.  Ferrero Rocher - My struggle! 

A dear friend gave me a box of the delicious, naughty little delights,

Step 1.  Put box in fridge to chill min. 10 mins.  OK, 8, 5 at an absolute push.

Step 2.  Attempt to open box and shriek in horror on discovering it is impossible, only Thor could get the lid off!

Step 3.  Get large carving knife and do what's necessary, sledgehammer must be absolute last resort.

Step 4.  Reconsider carving knife - is it worth 13 hours waiting in A&E, where said little ball of scrumptiousness will have to be prised from the cold dead hand they are trying to re-attach.  Yep.  Still totally worth it.

Step 5.  Discover see through cellotape attaching lid to box.  Doh.  Feel I should write a stern letter to the makers telling them they should have a large warning such as 'Remove invisible film.  Do not attack with carving knives or chainsaws!  How many Ferrero Rocher accidents must there be?  (actually, I don't know if there have actually been any), but it's still a good question.

Step 6.  I'm in.  And have stopped at 4. 

St. 7.   5,  I'm going to stop at 5.  :)

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


If I were a soothsayer, which I’m not, though I do on occasion have a hankering…..  I would say we were hurtling into a period of final acts, not just here in the UK as the investigation of a toddler who went missing abroad comes to close, but big showstopping finales, like the collapse of the inhumane facism regimes of the UK and the USA.  A change in the paradigm as information reaches the masses, and people power is realised.  An information revolution.  Numbers matter, they can force the abandonment of unpopular laws and appointments.  See Toby Young, who was in office for less time than Scaramucci.  In the old days, the said Toby Young would have blended in nicely with Theresa's cabinet of psychopaths, but his life is littered with a trail of repugnance that will never go away.  Some call it Karma.  
Democracy is tottering.  It CAN be interfered with, it is no longer the safest and only option.  The Russians demonstrated that targeting a specific demographic, can swing an election.  Momentum, and I love them, have demonstrated that by targeting specific constituencies they can unseat MPs. 
Trump's demographic might be as small as 30 something percent, but if they all turn up to vote, and they will, they can swing an election.  In a nutshell, ways have been found to shift the apathetic, all those who couldn't be arsed before.  Everyone carries a phone, every 5 minutes, 'did you go vote yet?'.  How do they know who to target?  We give away our likes, dislikes, preferences, age, weight, social status, etc, every time we log online or buy a bottle of wine.  As much as we the masses have access to information never seen before, so too do the authorities, the large corporations, the Keyhole Kates and the downright creepy.  Knowing everything about us, is a good guide as to how we will vote. 
But let's get back to the Ides of March.  Trump is on the brink, Theresa May, could spontaneously combust, but with grown ups Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell taking over, something can be salvaged from Brexit.  I have faith the US too have grown ups waiting in the wings. 
After the Ides of March, we will have a 'sweep up April' and a glorious May.  I am unashamedly a huge fan of Prince Harry and Meghan.  Yes, their exalted status, class, privilege, etc, etc, are inherently wrong, but isn't it possible they are just nice people?  For all my Marxist, revolutionary ideas, my heart went out to those two young boys who lost their mother, and aw shucks, I do shed a tear when I think how proud she would be. 
For many of my readers however, there still remains the huge question of how Operation Grange will conclude.  For that, another blog.  
Theresa methinks will be hung by her own petard, or one of those ghastly necklaces that remind us of how enchained she is to those billionaire puppet musters.  If I didn't hate her so vehemently I would send her a copy of Women Who Love Too Much.  And I'm playing fast and loose with the word 'love' there.
The Trump Show however, is history in the making.  The world has once again thrown up an absolute raving lunatic with the power to destabilise the whole planet.  And yes, I say planet, because Hitler only managed the world, had he realised there was a war to be had with Mother Earth, I'm sure he would have gone for it.  Trump is actually that deranged that someone could tell him there was a bigger planet out there, with lots more gold and lobotomised beauty queens and he would go take a look.  I bet Mike Myers now kicks himself for not making 'Goldmember' President.  
I read a great article the other day, (will find link) comparing Trump to Emperor Nero.  Apparently Nero used to tour Rome locking all the citizens in, in each town, so they were forced to watch him sing, dance and perform.  Followed by great applause and praise for how wonderful he was.  Guards would stand watch so no-one could climb out or over the gates.  If you have ever been to a bad show you would know how that feels.  Of course the punch line is, as Rome burned, Nero was asking 'so what did you think of my fiddling?' .Quite.
I don't see the Trump crime family lasting much longer than March.  This has been a huge knock in my faith in human nature.  I love Americans!  Just as much as my dear old Dad did - he was eternally grateful to them for stepping into WWII.  But he loved the whole US thing, the culture, the accents, the glamour, the music, the books, the courage. And by courage, he meant all those immigrants who had the guts to go start a new world.  But most of all the movies!  A love I always shared.  For the past year or so, I have believed you have a room of good guys like Steve McQueen, Henry Fonda and Marlon Brando somewhere, just waiting for a moment to take the bast'ard out.  Legally of course, a swine like Trump should stand trial for his crimes, the world needs an example of 'this should never happen again'.    

Sunday, 31 December 2017


Jim Gamble, Martin Brunt, Lorraine Kelly Carol Malone, four mainstream media pundits who believe Drs. Gerry and Kate McCann are too nice to be involved in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.  The latter 3 are of course professional pundits, journalists with a platform, whilst Jim Gamble is the unrivalled go to adviser on all matters relating to child protection and the new(ish) issue of trolls on social media. 
Jim Gamble of course has been closely involved with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from the very beginning.  As Head of CEOP at the time his agency were among the first to fly out to PDL to offer their assistance.  And in fact their profile of the likely abductor led to the naming of Robert Murat as an arguido and the seizing of his computer. 
Mr. Gamble, as Champion of the parents, must I am sure, be familiar with every aspect of this case,  yet as far as I know, he has never said specifically why he believes the former arguidos Gerry and Kate over the Portuguese Judiciary, other than they are not the kind of people who would commit a heinous crime.  So strong is his belief, that he appeared alongside them on breakfast television, presenting age progressed pictures of Madeleine as a white girl or an Asian and appealing for people to come forward and grass on their friends and neighbours.   
Turning to Martin Brunt, I have to say my heart went out to him when Brenda Leyland committed suicide.  I don't think he ever wanted something like that to happen.  But I just watched the documentary he made for the 10th anniversary, and he claims, and puts on a pretty good performance, of being genuinely baffled - despite the obvious being directly in front of his face.  I am so glad my loss of faith in human nature was realised in the summer of 2007, because for Martin et al, it's going to be one hell of shock. 
My heart will never go out to Carol Malone, the creature is evil personified, and I truly hope poor Brenda didn't read her 'fecked up bitch' column before she went to that lonely hotel room to end her life.  Carol has good reason to fear the internet, not the trolls, but the hundreds of bloggers who are a zillion times more interesting and entertaining than she is.  I'll pass on Lorraine Kelly.  She makes me want to hit the white lightning. 
Which brings us nicely to the big white elephant in the room, and the reason millions took to the internet when the British establishment absolved Gerry and Kate McCann on the basis that they were middle class professionals.  Those of us who thought we were all equal now, especially with a New Labour government were given a dramatic wake up call.  Because we all knew darn well, a family from a Council estate would never in a million years receive the kind of establishment support that was given to the parents of Madeleine.
And thus began the 'pro', 'anti', divide.  The'pros', the supporters of the parents, empathised with the child minding difficulties of the hard working professionals, The 'antis' dossing on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle despised them.  Ergo, the 'antis' became the degenerate underclasses, whilst the 'pros' were elevated for their compassion and humanity.  They forgave Gerry and Kate without question, they'd all been there. 
The fact that Madeleine's disappearance became such a huge class issue shut discussion down.  Any critic of the parents was immediately branded a low life and jealous.  Their only reason for pointing out the facts in the police files was envy of Kate McCann's slender frame.  This ridiculous ploy would get you beaten up in a playground, but in the real world, bizarrely it worked.  Team McCann had won the media war.  Critics of the parents were not only silenced, they were run out of town.  Labelled haters and pitchforkers, no-one dared, even to this day, voice any suspicions about Gerry and Kate without incurring the wrath of the sanctimonious. 
Arguably, they were aided and abetted by one Tony Bennett, the angry, ugly face of a far right group of unhinged extremists who were portrayed as representative of thousands of ordinary people who simply weren't buying the load of baloney people like Martin Brunt (why, Martin, why?) and the Sun newspaper were selling us.   
Using the class issue was a good ploy, no-one wanted to be labelled a 'hater', or worse.  A pleb.  But the other big white elephant in the room, is the lengths that have been gone to, in order to cover up, or is it uncover? the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance.  The glee with which the BBC will pounce on a blue collar hotel worker as a potential suspect, but never the nice doctors whose apartment had traces of cadaver odour and blood. They bend over backwards and sidewards like contortionists to avoid the bleeding obvious.  Bizarre. 
When you make a mistake how far are you prepared to continue with that mistake before admitting you were wrong?  The answer to that question I think will come in early 2018, when I am sure the inordinate lengths some people have gone to, to maintain the 'mystery' around this case will be revealed.  For the moment we will have to continue watching journalists and crime experts continue to make giant asses of themselves because they are too lazy or too stupid to read beyond the press releases handed to them to by spin doctors. 
Will the collective excuse be naivety?  Wails in the night of 'how could I have been that stupid?'  And, we hope, 'why did I think it was alright to leave babies and toddlers on their own'.  Or maybe, 'why did I scold those who pointed out how dangerous it was'?  I'm playing of course.  It's more likely to be the fault of the plebs, at least they [the 'PLUs'] didn't think badly of Gerry and Kate, just because they had a nice house and room for a pony. 
If there were any justice in the world, and if the case of missing Madeleine was not so small in the whole scheme of things, there would be a Public Inquiry.  Questions like, why was the British Prime Minister interfering in a criminal investigation in Portugal?  Who gave the order for the Portuguese police to treat the parents with kid gloves?  Why did the MSM take over protecting the McCanns when the Government stepped back? 
I'm not going to ask questions of this present government, for the moment, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Not because they are the good guys, but because their hands are clean.  It wasn't they, or their Consuls asking the PJ to go easy on the Brits.  David Cameron had a good relationship with the Portuguese, and his inner imperialist would feel a sense of duty to put right the wrongs of his socialist predecessors. 

Operation Grange is entering it's seventh (?) year, and is said to end in March 2018.  They have of course kept their options open, but 'another lead' is already sounding pretty thin over decade on.  Had there been an abduction option, I think it would have closed long ago.  Unfortunately, this was a puzzle with the main framework in place - only the truth will fit.    

Wednesday, 27 December 2017



Reasons to get fit and lose weight

1.  You feel better mentally and physically. 
2.  You have more energy, all those jobs you have put off for months, get done.
3.  Half naked men on building sites whistle at you - from a distance or
     from behind.  Do not turn around or they recoil in horror. 
4.  You can dig out all your showstopping outfits from the past.
5.  You can gloat as you walk towards the rows of 10s and 12s in Matalan
6.  You can wear a big sloppy jumper without looking like Grizzly Adams.
7.  The talking scales don't tell you 'one at a time'.
8.  You get endless praise from those around you, even if you do have to
     parade around several times, and hold up all your 'before' clothes.

The list of course is endless, and mostly not shallow like above, and it's here to convince myself as much as those who I hope will come and join me.  This is a slimming club like no other.  No fees, no weigh ins, no shaming of those who forgot to mention the sausage roll, the bar of fruit of nut or the slug of vodka they chucked in their smoothie. 

Please buy the book, it is an enjoyable read and the diet really does work.  Please read the reviews, it's been tried and tested.  Not only is it the simplest diet you will ever embark on, it is the cheapest, no fancy foods, no gym membership, just simple changes that can be incorporated into anyone's life. 

This will be an ongoing page, please enjoy the book and come back and let me know how you are getting on.  As much as I love Jane Fonda, for me the morning of 2nd January will begin with raw eggs and 7 minutes of mad dancing to Nothing Going on But the Rent.  I'll let you know how I get on ;)


Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that the words diet and exercise should be not be mentioned during the period between Christmas and New Year, I bring you the easiest, quickest, laziest and I want a cream doughnut diet, you could ever wish for in your Christmas stocking.  This will relieve you of all the guilt you might feel for tucking into another turkey sandwich and the last ferrero rocher.  Come January 2nd, you can be relieved of that spare tyre within a month!  
It is second time around for The Reluctant Dieter for good reason!  Read the reviews.  This is the diet for those who can’t (and won’t) stick to other diets, and who’s last attempts at exercise was hand jiving. It’s based on the kind of food that is available to all of us all the time, eg a tin of beans rather than a handful of goji beans and pine nuts.  It’s easy, it works for those looking for short cuts and minimum work, and those who think it is their divine right to have a treat. Quite right.
I guarantee the diet works, as it worked for me, the weight was literally falling off at half a stone a week.  And before the doom mongers rush in with their health risk warnings, I was the healthiest I had been for years and my doctor’s advice was ‘whatever you are doing, keep on doing it’.  
Apart from being the most fun diet you will ever do, and the easiest to keep to, the book is a good giggle!  I’m afraid I have an irreverent approach to, well, everything.  Not for me pushing truck tyres uphill, or munching through a bucketful of grated carrots, the smug slim people want us to admire their suffering, but there's no real need for it. 
Unfortunately, 3, or is it 4 years on, I have not stuck to it as religiously as I should.  Ergo, come January 2nd, I too begin again, and hope that others will join me on this page, so we can encourage each other and keep track of our progress!  Please share this link on your facebook and twitter pages - trust me your friends and family will thank you.  Even if they don't want to lose weight, they will still enjoy a great laugh. 
Meanwhile, I am trying to get drunk on a box of cherry liquor chocolates, it’s not working and I’m feeling a tad nauseous, but I have managed to convince myself that the cherry inside is one of my 5 a day! 

Ps. I do not recommend cherry liquors in book. 

£2.39 Amazon
Free on Kindle Unlimited.
Pps.  When reading the reviews, please bear in mind that I am plagued with stalkers who trash everything I do.  Most of the reviews happily, from the verified purchasers especially, are, I hope more accurate.  And if you enjoy the book, please take a moment to write a review, it would be much appreciated. 



I tend to get a tad maudlin as Hogmanay approaches and loved ones come to mind.  I never know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I tend to think 'good' because the memories always make me smile. 
I feel blessed that I have had such incredible people in my life, my dear old mate 'Big Lynn' who's light burned so bright, it only burned half as long'.  My mother who's craziness eventually made sense, didn't live to a grand old age, but she lived every minute she was here.
And my dear old dad, who never stopped believing in me.  To this day, the last birthday card he sent me is by my side 'and without any doubt at all, your impending success in the future xxx Dad', he wrote.  He loved my writing and he loved my success, small as it was, a play on the radio and a column in a local newspaper.
Sinclair Mathieson of The People's Friend found my story of Constance compelling, beautifully written and deserving of a wide audience.  Unfortunately, it was 'too political' for The People's Friend, but he wished me well.   Happily, it was picked up immediately by a former BBC producer Paul Kent for a new digital radio station called Oneword.  He was able to produce it in 'one' without any editing or alteration, and so good was his production, it was nominated for a Sony award, and Oneword won Radio Station of the Year. 
Constance is an original story of an East End servant girl in Edwardian times, but more downstairs than upstairs.  Constance is a dreamer with ideas way above her station, who steals the family silver and runs off to America.  Unfortunately, the ship she sails on is The Titanic.
On Christmas Day 2001, as the rest of the UK sat down to watch James Cameron's Titanic, we tuned into Oneword Radio for the premier of Constance!  We cracked open the champagne and thereafter no-one was allowed to speak for an hour.  My Dad always believed 'Constance' would be the making of me, bless him.  And it should be, it's a great story and the heroine is as delicious a character as Scarlett O'Hara. 
Constance does deserve a wider audience, it is a gripping read with the kind of story that cries out for the big or small screen.  It was fantastic on radio.  If anyone knows Ken Loach, it's just his kind of thing!  Meanwhile, to all those who enjoy historic drama, and my unique writing style, who want a cracking story and a compelling character to engross you, please do give Constance a read.  It's long enough to sneak away for a couple of hours, but not so long that it eats up all your holiday.
Please forgive the 'homemade' book cover, and any errors or omissions within.  Think of it as 'First Edition', that might one day be precious!  Before the professionals get hold of it!  It has been discovered by those 'in the know' twice, I am hoping third time it will take!  Unfortunately, it has rather faded away under my 'real' name and there are no reviews, so please someone, anyone, lol, be the first! 
In answer to my original musing question, yes it is good to think of lost loved ones, because as the good memories come flooding back, so too do the feelings of well being, and dare I say, old hopes and dreams, we thought were long gone.  Today, as I think of my old Dad, and the Scotch he would be getting in, lol, I can see his beaming face and tears of pride as my play came on the radio.  He never stopped believing which is making me wonder why I did. 
That memory has given me the confidence to market my work, failure to do so being my biggest flaw as a writer.  Lack of confidence, lack of time, I hate being dragged away from writing, but something  I really must tackle next year.  I have a whiteboard on which I accidentally wrote 'New Years Resolutions' in permanent marker - ergo, it is only really valid for about one week a year. 
I jest of course.  It's all very well writing books, but I really ought to 'sell' them - even Charles Dickens visited town halls to read passages from his books.  I pay homage to Dickens of course, but also to Moll Flanders and the feisty Scarlett O'Hara.  The lack of strong female 'leads' in my upbringing, drove me to create one!  Constance stood out immediately from 20,000 scripts for good reason.  Please do read it, share it, retweet it and tell your friends about it, especially those producers looking for projects.  Constance is as fresh, original and appealing as it ever was and just waiting to be scooped up.
It is sad that I have to say this, but as a writer I have been blacklisted for years for my views on the missing Madeleine case.  My blog stands as testimony to the fact that my views are not 'hate' filled, it's neither my nature nor my style.  I know that people return here again and again, not just to catch up on Madeleine news, but also because my writing is appealing, entertaining and dare I say it, compelling.  Well yes I dare, because it has taken years to perfect my style doncha know dahlinks!  Goes without saying that my plotting and story telling is divine! 
OK, maybe a tad over the top with the confidence there, I think have overdosed on Bette Davis this Christmas, the glamorous Bette obviously, not Baby Jane.  Though some might argue that.  Please be among the first to read Constance, she is character you will never forget.
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Sunday, 24 December 2017


Dear Portugal,
Apologies for charging in like 18th century colonials on your investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  We can't solve it either, been nice working with you, ta ta, Operation Grange.       Chances of this happening, on a postcard please.
As often happens, a blog begins with a reply……
Bjorn is away in the wilderness 20:00, so good time to attack eh? lol
I have never seen Bjorn write 'reams of accusation', analyse the Smith sighting 'to death' or even discuss the Gaspar statements, but while he's not here I suppose, it is a good time to say he does.
This case is going nowhere you say.  The magic forensic wand didn't work in 2007, it won't work now eh?  'Why would that change?' you ask, 'there would be a political war and the backlash would be too big to control
Bizarre, because on the other side of the Atlantic, the President of the USA and most of his family, look likely to be arrested any day now, obviously they are not AS big as Gerry and Kate.  Your  'case is going nowhere' argument is obliterated by the fact that Scotland Yard have invested £12m and over 6 years of police time and resources to solve it. No-one does that for something that is ‘going nowhere’.
No police force, no government, no giant corporation, no private individual, invests in a project and keeps throwing money at it, with the objective of failing.  The idea that the ultimate goal of Operation Grange is to obfuscate the disappearance of Madeleine further is ridiculous, actually more than ridiculous, it's batshit crazy.  Why would 30+ SY homicide detectives conspire to cover up the possible murder of a child? Do people honestly have that little faith in human nature?
There are other missing child cases worldwide that remain unsolved. Unsolved, in the sense that they have become cold cases, the police are not looking for a live child or an abductor because they know who is responsible but they can’t prove it.  This is where Madeleine’s case differs, two police forces in two countries are still conducting live investigations, this is not a case they are going to give up on.
Nor, when they reach the end, are they going to provide a false narrative.  1) Because it would be wrong on every level and 2) Too many details of the case are known to the public.  The ONLY explanation that will cover every question will be the truth.  Lots of other options have been tried but none have succeeded.  Madeleine’s disappearance is no longer referred to as an abduction, most significantly, not even by her mother, who this week gave an interview to The Mail, and apart from telling the Mail she still buys Christmas presents for Madeleine (Jeez), referred to Madeleine as missing, not abducted.  
A £12m police investigation is not going to end with failure and stuttered apologies, had that been their aim, it would have ended £11m ago, why bring attention (for 6 years) to something you are trying to cover up?  I was never really a Trekkie, but having two boys, Captain Kirk and Spock were impossible to avoid.  But I did take a liking to Spock, his clear thinking logic made a lot of sense, especially to an OTT drama queen, who usually thought and did the opposite. Many a former lover was spared a drunken 3.00am phone call when I began to precede my actions with ‘what would Spock do?’.  In this case, only the logical explanation works.
I think those who see Operation Grange ending with apologies to the parents, the funding government department, and the caring pubic who want to know what happened to Maddie, are slim to zilch.  How embarrassing to announce to the world, that despite all the time, funding and resources that were made available to them, they are still none the wiser than the PJ in 2007. Or worse, ‘we know the answer but we’re not telling anyone - not even the parents’.  
All those police officers, both here in the UK and in Portugal, have their lives and careers ahead of them. Why would they cover up a heinous crime, knowing the truth could come out at any time, and knowing it will be on their records forever?  And the human psyche just isn’t made that way. Most people are intrinsically good, that is they are ruled by their own conscience.  It’s a sad, bad world at the moment, but the good still outnumber the bad.  Any police officer asked to cover up the death of a child, would probably respond with two words, the second one being ‘off’.  
Added to that, Gerry and Kate are not sympathetic characters and the police are no different to the rest of us, some people we empathize with and want to help more, than we do with others. Kate and Gerry’s initial reaction to the police (the PJ), which they seem to be quite proud of, was one of scorn and arrogance.  They might just as well have said, we are a few tiers up from you on the intellectual and social scale - think Marie Antoinette talking to the plebs.  They are the kind of people who hold up the queue by demanding to speak to a ‘superior’ while demeaning a flustered shop worker and pissing off everyone in the line.  
Admittedly, the police they were demeaning at the time were Portuguese, but is there any reason to believe that a British police force would be treated with more respect?  Gerry and Kate are snobs, they weren’t relieved when the police arrived on the scene that night Madeleine disappeared, they were angry it wasn’t someone more important.  Kate referred to the two police officers as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, not in the heat of the moment, but 5 years later in her book Madeleine.  Clear and callous defamation of character and libel, and published at a time when she knew those police officers could be tracked down by the thugs guarding the McCanns’ interests online. Kate further goes on to demonstrate her attitude to the police, by boasting about her petulant behaviour as a detective tried to interview her.  She had no respect for him, so she sat chanting ‘f**king to**er’.  I’m amazed he didn’t spot her superiority right there and then.  
Of course, we have no idea what the relationship between the McCanns and the UK and Portuguese police is like now.  Clarence, as always, lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth, and Gerry and Kate rarely speak.  Even in Kate’s latest interview, she is using the same script. ‘We miss her every day, yes her room is still the same, yes I still buy her presents’. She is missing the opportunity to beg Operation Grange to tell her what is going on, and she is missing the opportunity to speak ‘directly’ to 13 year old Maddie.  She can’t give any updates on the investigation because she doesn’t appear to have any.  That is either horribly cruel of the police, or she is hiding something big. She isn’t thanking any of the officers personally, for all the work they are doing on Madeleine’s behalf, no friendships have grown out of this investigation.  
I doubt any serving police here in the UK (or Portugal) have any inclination to pledge allegiance to Gerry and Kate personally, and I doubt they have ever become confused as to who the victim is in this case. The only reason they could have for continuing the investigation is because they have the will to solve it.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017



UPDATE 22/12/17

Even at this time of year, those with malicious intent are still scribbling away with their little poison pens.  Again, I thank you for pointing out my faults, and again I point out I will not be following your advice as I have no desire whatsoever to be like you.  Stamp your feet as much as you like, and accuse me of being 'so mature' in a Vicky Pollard accent, but your criticism again and again lacks any sign of creativity or originality.  Learn a few more adjectives ffs!  Pick up a book now and again. 

I have no problem at all with being 'roasted', but make it funny, or at least credible.  Yes, I am a struggling writer, unless you are successful, the words struggling and writer naturally go together.  And yes, I have to do the same as every other independent website, I have to ask for contributions.  I love what I do, but the pay's shit!  I continue because I believe in myself, I believe in my talent, and I believe in my ability to connect with my readers.  Mostly because I never treat them as if they are stupid.  I treat them as equals, because they are, even if some don't know it yet. 

I'm not publishing your whinging and whining Unknown and Anonymous, why should I give you a platform?  You have run your own forums into the ground with such unsavoury reading that the general public are repulsed. You are not bringing my blog down to that level.  Suck it up or take it elsewhere.  

But I am good spirits!  A good friend has just given me a box of cherry liquors, it's a pre Christmas present, unwrapped, and with no other purpose other than to cheer me up!  I heartily approve!  I have a long day of baking tomorrow (shop bought quiche [blushing smiley]) but lots of homemade cupcakes.

Meanwhile, a wee 4 minute gift!  I am a huge fan of 'flash mobs' and here's one I find especially appealing, something to get us in the festive spirit!  I once joined a work choir many years ago to put on a Christmas performance of the Hallelujah Chorus.  I had delusions that I could sing at the time and I was especially fond of the guy organising it.  Happily most of the choir was made up of professionals, so I was able to give up any attempts at trying to hit the high soprano notes.  King of Kings, Lord of Lords, is especially painful (for listeners) when attempted by the untrained voice!  Ergo, when I hear it sung beautifully, it sends a shiver down the spine!  Enjoy.


Apologies to all those awaiting the release of my new book, I promise it is underway and taking shape but it won't be ready for Christmas.  I have been somewhat disorientated by poor health and  a few mountains to climb.

Regardless, I am of course, in full Diva mode, crying into my delicately raised, elbow, I can’t work like this!  I think I'm going to spend next year in an isolation tank.  I watched a docu-drama about Abba last night and totally empathised Agnetha's need to go hide away in the forest.  It was a little alarming that she had a liaison with her stalker, but totally understandable.  I would, and probably have, done the same thing myself in the past (more the book, lol).  So few understand the daily pain of an artistic temperament.  Let me tell you dahlinks, I feel if I were sat with the troubled Vincent Van Gogh and the impoverished, beer swilling Marx, I’d be the one in the middle, saying ‘tell me about it’.  
These have been a difficult few months - I will spare  you all the details, for now, suffice to say, that I still have the power to get back up again, when I have been knocked down.  Something, I lost for a little while there.  I have a tendency to allow sorrow to completely engulf me, and at the moment I am so afraid for the future of mankind, the sorrow has been winning, but not for very much longer I hope.
Meanwhile, thank you to all my readers and contributors for coming back again and again.  As a younger woman, I always daydreamed about being part of the very elite Bloomsbury Club, a place in which I could hear new innovative ideas, talk endlessly, drink good coffee, and pass the opium pipe.  .I kind of feel I have created my own anything goes version here.

Christmas should of course be a time of love and family harmony, but quite often it is the eruption of a volcano that has been simmering for years or an unexpected swipe around the head with a turkey drumstick.  My Christmas message is chill.  As irritating as your spouse, parents, children, distant relatives might be, December 25th is not the day to tell them to change.

Having grown up with a mother who's clinical notes described her as 'quite a character' I'm not unfamiliar with the concept of 'who's going to kick it off this year'.  On this front, and indeed many others, the best advice I ever received was, 'she is as she is'.  When I stopped looking at my mum from a grumpy, embarrassed daughter perspective, I began to see why so many of her friends, especially gay men lol, doted on her.  I stopped scolding her and began to enjoy her delightful eccentricity, and we enjoyed our happiest years together.  My message there is, celebrate your eccentrics, one day it might be you :)

Thank you all again for coming back, seeing those numbers go up really does inspire me, and they are the reason I keep going.  In the McCann case, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep discussion of it in perspective, especially at this time of year.  Personally, I don't have it in me to wish anyone an unhappy Christmas, and I certainly don't want to add to anyone's pain, so I'm steering away for the present.  I hope the family can find peace.  Not through more deception, but through love, honesty and acceptance of responsibility. 

Meawhile, I wish everyone a lovely, snuggly, or wild partying Christmas, I'll raise my glass to you either way, with lots of laughs and not too many rows.  And if you are feeling in a festive and generous mood and would like to reward this particular irreverent author with a restorative box of Ferrero Rocher, or glass of bubbly, a cyber donation to my paypal button would be much appreciated.