Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Last night I watched a very sad documentary about the murder of teenager Becky Watts, by her stepbrother and his girlfriend.

Initially 16 year old Becky was reported missing, and at 16 there was every chance that Becky could have been targeted by a predator online, but unlike the case of 3 year old Madeleine McCann, there was no intervention by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency. 

In fact, all the criticism that has been hurled at the Portuguese police for their handling of Madeleine's disappearance could apply to the British police searching for Becky.  The borders weren't closed, the crime scene wasn't sealed off, and a lot of evidence could be said to have been lost.

But there is no criticism, nor should there be, because kids go missing for all sorts of reasons, there is very rarely a need to call for an international search within the first few hours, if at all.  Most searches are concentrated on the area where the child disappeared, and for good reason.  Not only is stranger abduction 1 in a zillion rare, stealing a child to take out of the country is rarer still.  Other than in the case of Madeleine McCann, I have never heard of parents of a missing child taking their search global.  In the weeks following Madeleine's disappearance, they were travelling to Morocco and Europe, and Gerry even flew out to Washington.  I've never heard of parents of a missing child doing that either.

The parents of poor Becky, were not so proactive.  They were devastated.  They left the investigation to the police and they co-operated throughout.  They didn't have a spokesman, they didn't have teams of lawyers, and they didn't patent their daughter's name and open an online shop.  All of which the McCanns achieved within the first 3 weeks, roughly the same amount of time it took for Bristol police to arrest Becky's killers.

The behaviour of the McCanns, was seen as heroic by many, not only were they not going to give up on their daughter, but they were fighting for missing children everywhere.  The rest of us  (and the PJ) however, were saying WTF?
The favourite reprimand was, and probably still is, 'no-one knows how they would behave in such circumstances'.  Well yeh, actually we do, and it wouldn't be like that. 

Gerry and Kate are, as we know, mad as hell at the Portuguese police for not finding their missing daughter.  The original investigation is described in the British press as bungled and incompetent, a myth invented by Team McCann that took wings.  But did the PJ respond any differently to police the world over?  I'm going with No, because the majority of children are found within the first few hours and the tabloids would be spattered daily with pictures of kids who forgot what time it was. 

As for the crime scene.  When the first police arrived Gerry, Kate and their friends had already solved the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance.  She had been taken by a stranger abductor who was probably going to take her out of the country.  For them, there were no other options, and no optimistic ones either, because Kate wanted a priest. 

The father of Becky, wouldn't and couldn't, give up hope that she was still alive, like most of us, he envisaged scenarios where she would be rescued, accepting her death, devastated him.  Of course by the following day, Gerry and Kate found that 'hope', but they were still going with the worst thing that could possibly happen, abduction by a stranger, or worse, abduction by paedophiles or people traffickers.  No thoughts of finding her with a kindly neighbour, or sleeping under a bush, no grasping at straws that she might be close by.

I can only imagine the reaction of the first police who arrived at the scene, on being told a child had disappeared, how it happened (through the open window) and she had been taken by a stranger abductor.  Case solved.  'Now off you go and close the borders, we've got a press conference in the morning'.  It would be like a cardiac patient telling Gerry where the left ventricle is. 

The mystery of Becky's disappearance quickly unravelled after specialist police dogs discovered tiny traces of blood on the doorframe of Becky's bedroom, barely visible to the eye, someone had tried to clean up, but the dogs found it anyway.  Within days the killers were arrested.

In the case of Madeleine McCann, bringing in the specialist dogs also led to a change in direction of the police investigation and the even bigger thorn in the parents' side, the alerts of the blood and cadaver dogs.  They have, and probably always will, deny that the dogs alerted to anything - preferring to smear the dogs and their handler, rather than accept their expertise.  In any event, it brought the police search for a live Maddie to an end.  

No matter what Gerry, Kate and their supporters say about specialist police dogs, time and time again, their findings go on to be proved correct.  The McCanns argue 1) there was no blood, or 2) it wasn't Maddie's, 3) if Madeleine had an accident and bled in the apartment, why would that be their fault? 4) people on social media should not be allowed to use the word blood.  Amazingly, with the use of the repetitive chant 'there's no evidence', Gerry and Kate were able to convince a large section of society, that the biggest clue as to Madeleine's fate, those barking dogs, was meaningless.  That those experienced dogs, with 100% track records, were wrong on this occasion (11 times) is absurd, but that's how easy it is to sell a lie. 

More amazingly still, Gerry and Kate managed to convince (that same) large section of society, that they were the victims of an incompetent, third world police force, who were trying to blame them [the parents] so they could get back to their boozy 4 hour lunches.  I find it chilling, that Gerry and Kate were able to spread their hatred of the Portuguese police and Goncalo Amaral in particular, throughout the UK.  And the glee with which some presenters and journalists latched onto the McCanns' prejudice revealed much about their own characters. 

The killers of Becky Watts weren't very clever.  They didn't delete their texts, they didn't clean up properly, and they didn't write out timelines so their stories matched.  And I doubt they could afford expensive lawyers who would have told them to stop talking 

But, more importantly, the loving parents of Becky, didn't undermine the police by contacting the press and launching a publicity campaign. The idea I am sure, would have been hideous to them, as it would, to most parents who have lost a child. The thing is, no matter how hard you try, the actions of Madeleine's parents do not fall within the parameters of 'normal' behaviour, in fact, they were batshit crazy, or should that be crazy like a fox?  Taking the search away from PDL, was all part of the strategy.  So too, encouraging fruitloops worldwide to jam the police switchboards.  Confusion is good, said Gerry. 

So what put a halt to the original investigation into Madeleine's disappearance?  In the majority of unsolved crimes, when the dogs alert, the police are then on a home run.  In this case, the opposite happened, the investigation hit a brick wall.  The witnesses stopped co-operating with the police.  The case was shelved.

For Team McCann, Madeleine was again alive and findable, and anyone using the words, death, blood or dogs, would find themselves in the dock.  Those pesky dogs may have cost Gerry and Kate, the support of the Vatican and a few hundred thousand supporters, but they were able to restart the campaign, as victims, not only of an abductor, but of the Portuguese police and the British press.  I always wondered what they said to DCI Redwood or indeed any of the officers from Operation Grange, when asked about the dogs.  But, silly me, they were  never asked.  Not because OG are incompetent, but because the only witnesses who can solve this puzzle have been lawyered up since 2007.

When we look back on this case, and the looking back is not that far away, it will be in wonderment that a small group of people were able to create and perpetuate such an almighty whopper, it's almost as if Goebbels himself lent a helping hand.  Many will be squirming, and so they should be, perhaps asking themselves 'was I  a fool to believe two British suspects' over a foreign police force?'. 

Goncalo Amaral is right, at some point the world will know The Truth of the Lie, and that day is drawing nearer.  The recent revelation that the McCanns and the Tapas group have not given further statements to the British police is a game changer, they are clearly not co-operating with the police as we were led to believe. 

Looking at the speed with which the killers of Becky Watts were arrested, and the 10+ years that have passed since the disappearance of Madeleine, there is one element that stands out above all others.  That is, maybe parents of a missing child should not be encouraged and indeed funded, to create a travelling circus and sabotage a police investigation.  Most of course, have the dignity and good taste not to, and there is no need for legislation, this is a one off, lessons have been learned, we hope.  Most notably, the difference between a missing child investigation being solved within a month, or one that we are all supposed to call a mystery 10+ years later. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017


'If Ros publishes anymore posts from you saying there was blood spatter up the walls...............  I will report Ros to every authority I can to have this blog closed down and for Ros to be taken to Court'.

And there we have it folks, another glimpse of Team McCann's heavy handed threats to silence those who don't believe the abduction story. 

Though I have come under many attacks from Team McCann over the years, they have not been able to accuse me of inciting hate, or any other legal violation that would land me in the dock. One, because  it is not in my nature, and two, I am a published author who knows exactly how a 'legal reading' works.  Three, I'm not attention seeking like Bennett, and Four, I'm not stupid. 

The problem the poster on the last blog has, is the mention of blood spatter on the walls.  Specifically, the use of the word 'blood', which apparently if referred to as an unknown body fluid, gets the McCanns off the hook.  The sane among us, can of course see the snowball in hell analogy - as if playing semantics will delete all those images of yellow post-its on the walls, curtains and sofa we have all seen in the police files.  It reminds me of an iconic scene in Dallas, when Sue-Ellen catches JR in bed with another woman.  'Do I believe you or my lying eyes' she yells.  Quite.

I am an intelligent, educated woman 'Unknown', not only do I stand by my words, I am proud of them - unlike yourself, who hides behind anonymity to issue bullying threats.   My blog is not libellous, nor is it a vendetta against the McCanns - I am the only forum that hosts both sides of the argument. 

What are you going to get me in the dock for Unknown?  Not censoring posts that give an unfavourable image of the McCanns?  Is this still a reputation thing, or have you moved onto arguments for the Defence?  It wasn't blood M'lud.

*Seinfeld fans will recognise the soup Nazi,  No soup for you!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


In response to an interesting observation on my last blog, I pictured a very large cherry cake, or the remaining crumbs of a ravaged small one.

This set me musing, as my readers' comments often do.  I once did a blog entitled 'The Million Pound Baby'*  (should have said dollars, it sounds dreadful in sterling).  Although that blog is only 18 months old (March 2016), one million pounds now seems like peanuts. 

When you consider all the beneficiaries from Madeleine's abduction, the amount is incalculable.  From the inside working outwards, the McCanns and their entire entourage, including Government spokesman Clarence, got to stay in the Sunny Algarve for 3 months all expenses and mortgage payments covered. It also gave them a huge fund to protect themselves against any criminal charges they may have faced for leaving the children on their own, or anything more.  Apart from the extended family, among the first to benefit from Madeleine's loss were the lawyers.

Then, there were all those knights in shiny armour who boarded planes to PDL rather than trusty steeds - all eager to assist in a news story that had gone global.  The British police agencies, the crisis managers, the spin doctors, and several more firms of lawyers.  Batch 2 of the beneficiaries were all those who could see there were fortunes to be made.

Then we have the politicians.  I have no doubt there was a major Oops in Whitehall during the early hours of May 4th, but they decided to go with it, because the benefits outweighed an embarrassing confession.  Also, because it offered so much opportunity to bury bad news and take up a populist cause. It fitted in with New Labour's Big Brother approach to democracy.  A national data bank holding our blood and every detail about us from cradle to grave and a good reason to introduce policing of the internet.  Blair used the angelic face of Madeleine to increase fear of paedophiles, just as he used tanks rolling into Heathrow to increase fear of terrorists. 

Gerry and Kate wanted stricter border controls (as do tyrants, see D.Trump), and control over what is printed in the press and said about them online. Again, see D. Trump.  The scaremongering of the McCanns and New Labour was designed to win our vote for compulsory DNA testing (all new born babies) and government access to all our internet activity (even D.Trump hasn't gone that far - yet).  As Gerry McCann fought the freedom of the press, then Home secretary Jackie Smith sat (uncomfortably it must be said) alongside him.  The McCanns' goals were New Labour's goals, so big old tick in the beneficiary box there. 

Then there were the British police agencies.  Such is our capitalist system, different branches of law enforcement must compete with each other for funds.  Therefore, it is, erm, in their interests to promote their specialist skills and demonstrate that their needs are greater. 

CEOP were among the first police to arrive, which many consider odd, as their field of expertise is ONLINE protection.  Madeleine was not yet 4, clearly she wasn't targeted and groomed online.   Their clumsy attempts to turn it into an internet crime by seizing computers and naming men who watched porn, fell at the first hurdle.  Were CEOP and the other police agencies beneficiaries of the  abduction story?  A question that must be asked.

Then there are the National Charities, who received a major boost by putting aside all those missing on their books, and promoting the face of Madeleine.  Did they benefit from Madeleine being missing, rather than deceased?  Undoubtedly, but charities are beyond reproach, even when they attach themselves to major creeps like Jimmy Saville, there is an unwritten law that they must not be criticised.    

How about the media industry?  For sure.  The decline in the sale of tabloids had already begun in 2007.  The Madeleine story was a new lease of life.  Every redtop with a Madeleine picture or headline was flying off the  shelves.  It was as fascinating and addictive as the first episode of The Osbornes.  The profits from Madeleine stories probably went into millions, in a way the McCanns have a right to be bitter, they only got a fraction of the story's worth to the media moguls. 

Then there were new crisis management companies and reputation managers, all of whom no-one needed years ago, but who are now essential should you suffer trauma.  The ambulance should be your second call.  The McCanns are not entirely to blame for reputation managers, the spin doctors were already lurking and waiting to pounce.  They take ambulance chasing to a whole new level, 'can you sign this before they cut you out of your car', hoping the tears and blood in your eyes blinds you to the small print.  Have they benefited? Yes indeedy, but not half as much as they thought they would. 

Last but not least, there are those famous crime solving experts, Donal MacIntyre and Mark Williams-Thomas.  Each staking their reputations on the fact that the McCanns are innocent.  If I remember rightly, DM claims the abductors (there were several), gave the apartment a good clean before leaving.  MWT's theory, I struggle to remember, actually, he gives me the creeps, so I struggle to watch.  Did they benefit?  No doubt, it is a high profile case, it has an audience. 

In the USA missing children are big business.  The US version of  the old CEOP, received millions in government grants, and the cause has it's own TV channel and millions of supporters.  I believe similar plans were intended for the UK.  Those patenting Madeleine's name and planning annual Madeleine Days had big ideas.  None of which included registering Madeleine's Fund as a charity. 

Did they benefit?  For a while, yes.  But they didn't succeed.  The public have never truly believed Madeleine was abducted, and that was integral to the plan. 

*  A good read, though I say so myself, and with pictures!

Thursday, 19 October 2017


The One Million mark for me, has been a time for reflection, and a time I think, in which to explain how my blog began and why I am still here. 

In 2010, I had the offer I have dreamed of since childhood, a book deal with a major publisher!  My dreams of a bestseller however, were crushed.  For many reasons, tis true, it was the wrong time, it broke the Misery Memoir genre (not miserable) and my name was absolute filth on the internet.  No-one would review it, and no-one would publicise it. No-one would connect their name to it.

There were also a number of dedicated sites such as 'The Lies of Rosalinda Hutton' and hundreds of pages devoted to my 'imagined' life as a Hater in their notorious death dossier and they trashed my books on Amazon. They had great fun discussing my mental health issues, urging me to take my meds, and rolling on the floor laughing when they pushed me to the edge.  All tastefully accompanied by eating popcorn emojis. 

But I'm no victim - as if!  I get knocked down, I get back up again (among, my funeral songs), I've never had the resources to launch legal battles, and I wouldn't if I could.  Listening to barristers hurling references from ancient books at each other, is an experience I never want to have again, in this life or the next. 

I do however, care very much about the legacy I leave, almost as much as I care about my kids.  I don't want to be remembered as that evil woman online who tormented a grieving family.  I will put my hands up to every crazy thing I have done in my life, but I have never been malicious.  The words of my beloved Dad are always with me. 'Never hurt someone just because you can'. 

For me, commenting negatively on the Madeleine case was a real crisis of conscience.  I could not forgive myself if I added to the McCanns pain if they were innocent.  I didn't comment negatively, until I had passed my own, very strict criteria, of 'beyond reasonable doubt'.  And even once I did, I stuck within my own self inflicted moral codes, those that allow me to sleep well.  I don't libel anyone, I don't accuse anyone and I try my best to steer 'antis' away from hysteria.  I know the power of words, as Maya Angelou said much better than I, it's the way you make people FEEL. 

The words Honesty and Integrity too, have served me well.  In one of the first writing classes I attended, the lecturer (thanks Mike), wrote them in large letters on the blackboard (yes it was that long ago). You can use writing a memoir as 'payback' for example - but why would you?  When it can so easily be used as a basis for reconciliation.

But I want to use the Million mark, to thank all those readers who have stuck with me, many of whom go back over the years and with whom I share fond (and crazy) memories.  It's been a roller coaster ride.  My blog is as it is. Nothing planned.  As an ageing hippy chick, I can't complete a daily 'to do' list let alone a life plan - I accidently wrote New Year's Resolutions on the last whiteboard I had in permanent ink, by March it was driving me demented.

Whether we should or shouldn't discuss the case of missing Madeleine McCann is a dilemma we all face from time to time, I'm sure.  On the surface, it seems ghoulish, dig deeper, and it seems judgemental and a class issue.  You can see why no MP wants to bring the subject up.  Those hurling rocks at Gerry and Kate, are chavs and Sun readers, the educated elite wouldn't dream of being so crass as to suspect, two middle class doctors of disposing of their child's body. 

That isn't true of coursse, as the exposure of poor Brenda Leyland revealed, disbelieving the McCann's abduction story is not restricted to the Council estates and the travellers' sites.  Not believing the McCanns, crosses every class, and educational level.  Saying it out loud however, is another matter.  It is still politically incorrect and can destroy a journalist's or blogger's career in seconds.

Any 'sane' person in my position would have stopped commenting on the McCann case, as soon as the backlash began.   I didn't of course. Unfortunately, their attacks brought back that outraged little 5 year old, who refused to accept any form of injustice!  I was the only girl in the boy scout pack for example.  My instinct was to fight back, my dear old dad would have said, for heaven's sake don't follow your instincts, but I probably wouldn't have listened to him.  Much of his wisdom, didn't kick in until many years later. Doh!  That I followed my instincts, should make it absolutely clear that I wasn't in it for the money. 

Speaking of the wise.  I once watched a documentary about the fighter pilots horrifically injured in WWII.  They were a terrific bunch, brave beyond compare, and even in the face of all they had suffered, they were still having a giggle at the funny side.  Their Treasurer for example had no legs, they said with mischievous grins.  One particularly outspoken old gent recalled his days flying out to protect Britain's shores. 'The cheek of it!', he said, with such force, the handlebars on his moustache flew upwards.  I found myself applauding and saying 'here, here' or is it 'hear hear', as his words and the way in which he said them became a permanent fixture in my brain! 

The cheek of it!  How dare these people think they can destroy my childhood dream.  Now, I can hear my feisty mum, shouting 'here, here'.  My blog, I hope, has gone some way to repairing the damage caused to my name by my links to this case.  That is, those who take the time and trouble, can see for themselves, that this is not a hate site filled with malcontents abusing the McCann family. 

But should we discuss the details of such a high profile crime on social media? And the most likely answer is, most of us do feel uncomfortable with it, and are very aware that it affects real people, including children.  But it should be clear by now, that 99% of my posters, observe their own high moral code and are considerate in their replies. 

Against that, people are being hurt by the deception that is being put out, and having children, should not make public figures immune from criticism.  The idea is absurd.   Common decency tells us that families, and kids in particular, should never be stalked and harassed, but they shouldn't be held up as human shields.  And they shouldn't be used to prevent the public from discussing the validity of the abduction story.  Particularly, as Gerry and Kate have historically always called on the public to help find their daughter.   

I regularly question myself on the morality of what I am doing here.  I don't need Judges, censors or lawyers from Carter Ruck, I torture myself enough already.  Ultimately, I feel I have no option but to continue.  I have to get past the 'bad name' label that has blighted every area of my life. 

I know for example, that should I publish a book, which I am going to within the next few months, hopefully by Christmas, it will immediately be trashed on Amazon.  However, as I mentioned above, I am not a victim, and I believe just as much as I did at 8 years old, that I was going to write a seminal book!  And I believe talen will always find a way.  Tis true, I didn't think it would take this long to find the right formula, but there you go. 

If I am ever to fulfil my dreams, a cottage where I can hear the sea, a bright yellow noddy car, a country kitchen where I can make cherry pies for my platonic friend Big Ears,  I will have to get my head down.  I would also have a crazy mutt, or several,  the kind of dejected looking oldies who appreciate being pampered and won't criticise my pastry or give me zero points for my hostessing skills.  Dogs are great - even if you throw 'the fecking pie' at them, they are not offended, in fact, they come back for more.  To my readers of old, I haven't entirely given up on the idea of a beach hut in Cuba and a toenail painting, guitar strumming Rastafarian, but now I am considering all the dangers of a swinging hammock - I fear it would play havoc with my arthritis.

But before I go book a flight to Cuba, or go visit a local dog Rescue, I am committed to clearing my name.  I know that my blog is read by many, including the educated elite, and I hope that when this case reaches it's conclusion, both my real name and my pen name will no longer be taboo. 

Meanwhile, the million mark has emboldened me to have another go at publishing a book online, this time, in my favourite genre, comedy.  Beneath this serious, academic, exterior (yeh, I know), lies the crazy, wise cracking spirit of my deceased (and hilariously funny), mad Irish mother.  At the moment she passed, I felt her character take over mine, like a Queen passing her crown on to her heirs, I got all her gags.  In my mum's lifetime, I didn't mimic her elaborate body language, her booming 'royal voice', or urges to cause mischief, because it would have felt disrespectful.  But she when she passed, she gave me a shove, a sort of have as much fun with them as I did, wink, wink.   

But I have probably given enough away about where my book will be coming from.  Suffice to say, it will have nothing whatsoever to do with the Madeleine case and I hope this time around, the fair reviews will counter the predicted bad ones. 

But let's get back to the opening question.  Is it morally right to discuss the case of missing Madeleine?  It is a question I ask myself regularly, then I wonder if it is morally right to watch and read propaganda that is intended to hurt and deceive others without challenging it?  The Edmund Burke quote, '.......when good men do nothing', makes me wonder how I would answer when future generations ask how the wonder and freedom of the internet was taken away from us, by the government and armies of vigilantes?  Where did it all begin?

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Monday, 16 October 2017


UPDATE - 18.10.17

I am delighted to say my blog has now received over 1 million hits!  A small step for the internet, but a giant leap for moi :)

Thank you all for returning again and again, and for helping this blog to grow into a sane, logical, and ethical commentary on what I am sure will be one of the biggest scandals of the 21st century.  I think we have shown that it is possible to discuss a highly controversial, and highly emotive subject, as reasonable thinking adults, without the hatred and intolerance that has engulfed other forums and facebook pages. 

I think we are finally moving towards the 'end game' or perhaps I should rephrase that to 'game up'.  Those who think the police are several notches below them on the intellectual scale, may find it's something the police don't take too kindly to.  That is probably the reason why there are still two live investigations, millions being spent and no sign whatsoever that the police are going to give up. 

Interesting times ahead!

Meanwhile, please vote on the poll in the right hand column.  'Did the Multimillion' Madeleine Fund, scupper the investigation?


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Once again, the comments section runneth over, so time to open a Part II.

VT/Ziggy gives much away in his posts, particularly when you sort the wheat from the chaff.  I have actually whittled him down to two McCann main players, one more than the other. 

But before I move onto those leaking bits of information that he seems to be unaware of, in one of his last posts he made a good point.  Why aren't there more posts in support of the parents?  As long as they are civil, or make attempt at being civil, I am happy to publish them.  As a humanitarian I would like to see more posts supporting them, I am saddened that only one person speaks on their behalf.  This blog has a large audience of reasonable and compassionate people, it is as good a platform as any, to clear up the myths that surround this case. 

Back to those leaks.  For some time now, VT/Ziggy, has been building a case against the British police.  He has gone from their interference in the original investigation to the chavvy 'they are having jollies on the Algarve at taxpayers' expense'.  Why?  His posts recently, are showing more and more frustration and hostility towards the British police.  And he is hinting that British police, very early on, are behind any cover up that took place.  The architects and instigators perhaps? But the fuzzy allegations are not just aimed at the police who flew out to PDL, but also at their bosses. 

Shots too seem to have been fired at Clarence Mitchell, and today the Tapas group.  ZT helpfully pointed out just how much the 'tapas' have to lose should they break the pact of silence.  Beginning with paying back the damages given to them by Express newspapers, (odd priority), but if the answer to every question is 'money', about right.  Followed by careers, lives being ruined etc. 

All very good reasons I'm sure, but they make no allowance for conscience and the guilt of having to lie to people.  including those you love, for the rest of your life.  It would drive most people insane.  On the freedom front, they have lost the freedom to be themselves, and I can't think of a worse prison than that.

Whilst I don't think the infighting has quite reached the 'every man for himself' stage, there is clearly disharmony between the factions.  I didn't think this would come until much later, that is, the pretence that there is a good relationship between the McCanns and Operation Grange, would end in the same way as the good relationship between the McCanns and the PJ ended 9 years ago.

Now it seems they are no longer keeping up the pretence of being happy with Operation Grange.  And to be fair, no-one could blame them for being angry and frustrated (on this occasion).  They still don't know what happened to their daughter and the search for her is coming to an end.  

But worse, they still have that same cloud of suspicion hanging over them, Operation Grange has done nothing to establish their innocence.  There are no signs of an abductor, either from the original evidence collected from Apartment 5A or from the thousands of statements the police have taken over the years. The sighting of Jane Tanner was discounted by OG, and Smithman who looks exactly like Gerry, remains the main suspect.

I know that people closely involved with this case read and post here, it's the last social media battleground they use regularly.  And the reason is, because the discussion here is far removed from the playground mentality of the cesspit and the 'myths'.  I can't say it bothers me that they post anonymously, but I always think if you are going to defend someone, doing it in your own name, adds weight to your argument. 

But I understand.  Opening your life up to the scrutiny of social media carries everything you feared and then some.  But once, you have picked yourself, and distinguished the psychopaths and trolls from the genuine, you are full steam ahead.  And I speak as someone who has had many stalkers over the years. 

On my blog happily, I don't have a troll problem, because I don't acknowledge trolls as a problem. They have no impact whatsoever on my life, or my writing.  I couldn't care less who they are, and I have no desire to track them down and put them in the dock.  I'm a big girl, I can handle name calling and snide remarks online in the same way as I have in the real world since the age of 5.  Whilst I could happily discuss the history of the old oak tree in the local park for hours on end, I have zero time, or patience, for those eaten up with negativity.  If I took it on too deeply, I would become their 'free therapist', because I still kind of pity them.  But I don't want to digress.

I'll end with three questions:

1.  Are Operation Grange closing in?
2.  Is the Madeleine Fund going to prove problematic?
3.  Are ZT's veiled threats a sign that there is infighting between members
     of 'The Pact'?

Saturday, 7 October 2017


There is something fishy going on with Madeleine's Fund, nothing new of course, but I feel Madeleine's Fund doesn't really get the attention it should, because it has of course played a major part in keeping the Madeleine story in the global news. 

The Fund, for example, stirred up a (barmy) army of McCann followers, who blindly believed that money would find Madeleine.  Gullible folk who could not believe bad of two church going doctors.  Appealing to the religious was a master stroke of PR btw.  On the gullible front, they were halfway there. 

But let's cut to the chase.  WTF was the Fund all about?  How did finding a missing child turn into a quest for cash?  Even Gerry himself, said (very, very early on), that he didn't see the need for money.  That however changed rapidly, into 'let's make this the biggest Fund - ever'. 

On the Director front, the biggest wobble came when Esther McVie announced the Fund wouldn't be used for legal purposes.  Ie. It would not be used to defend the McCanns who had just become Arguidos.  'That's crazy', said Gerry, 'we have this massive fund and aren't allowed to use it'.

Esther McVie went on to quit as a director of course, and from then the Fund was much less transparent.  No-one, not even the wonderful Enid O'Dowd would now be able to distinguish between search fund and legal costs. 

All that remains of the millions that poured into Madeleine's Fund is £750,000, but it may be £500,000, who knows, confusion is good. That lump sum is currently being moved between accounts, and in some tabloids being claimed as the McCanns' own money. 

The McCanns are of course facing a major dilemma.  They presently owe hundreds of thousands of pounds, possibly millions, in legal fees in Portugal, and it has been owing since April this year.   Will the Fund be held liable? or the McCanns, as the claimants, personally?  Or are their assets now so entwined with The Fund that they can't separated?  Their appeal to the ECHR doesn't put their debt off.  It is still payable now. 

To be fair, I haven't glanced at the Madeleine Fund or it's accounts for quite some time, but, as pointed out, by a poster on my previous blog, if the abduction is faked, the Fund is fraudulent. 

For genuinely grieving parents, all the money in the world will not cure their grief, or give back to them the precious child they have lost.  The last thing on their minds would be fundraising, they trust the police, they don't run their own their own parallel investigation.  And they don't need to convince us of their innocence and the police incompetence.  The mothers of Sara Payne and April Jones, didn't need to tell us they did nothing wrong, we never thought for one moment they did.  And they didn't need to hire spokesmen, lawyers and a media monitoring team.  Their reluctant, pain filled TV appearances reached our hearts directly, no PR necessary. 

But back to the Fund, arguably, the MAIN reason, this case has dragged on for over a decade.  All we 'libtards'* have always known that money can keep people out of prison.  One brief glance at prison statistics and the ratio of blue to white collar crimes, confirms that.  This case however, has a twist.  Gerry and Kate were nouveau riche, bedazzled by the sudden accumulation of millions, their misery was bumping up the cashometer.  And it was all going so well, until they were made arguidos.

I would say it was at this point that the donations to the Fund dried up.  The Vatican removed 'The Charity' from their website, and the battle between the McCanns and Goncalo Amaral began.  In their 'we can do anything because the world loves us' mind set, GA was to blame for the minor blip in their masterplan, but if they destroyed him, it would be happy days again.  That was Plan A, but I think we are now approaching Plan Z.

Of course, if the abduction was fake, then it would therefore follow that the Fund to Find Madeleine was fraudulent and all those directors and administrators may find themselves being investigated.  So too all those on the payroll.  What were they raising funds for? where was it going?  Has even one penny of it, been used to help another child?  A victim of Grenfell, a displaced refugee orphan?  A child in need of a prosthetic limb? 

No, of course it hasn't.  Because the Fund (not a Charity) has always been for one child, and her extended family.  It's written into the Company's objectives, legally above board because the lawyers used were specialists in their field.  The Fund can and has been, used for whatever Gerry and Kate wanted.  An extended holiday in the Algarve for family, friends, vicars and bridesmaids.  Runs on the beach, cocktails and tennis, while police, locals, holiday makers and volunteers, trekked through brambles, hedges and wastelands, searching for their daughter.  But let's not leave out Clarence here, who also had a 3 month vacation in Portugal, as a 'government spokesman'. Meanwhile, Warners resort, was dotted with collection boxes, for all those journalists and members of the public who had flooded to PDL, to watch the circus. 

We can only guess at how many millions have passed through the  Madeleine Fund, the promised transparency ended years ago.  In 2007, the Find Madeleine website received over 50million hits, and that may even have been daily. The cashometer on the site was spinning out of control and  taken off the site when it went over £1million.  The huge waves of public sympathy became manifest in the way of hard cash. To such an extent, the money grasping Clarence suggested people simply put cash in brown envelopes and mail to the Gerry and Kate in Rothley. 

Why did the parents of a missing child, need millions of pounds in cash? What could cash do that those physically out searching couldn't? And it should be pointed out, those actually searching were doing it voluntarily, ie. without payment.  And when was enough enough?  £1million, no clearly not, £4m/£5m?  Again no.  Having frittered £4m or £5m, the McCanns continued relentlessly with their fund raising events. For what?  Did they have a target?  No.  Because they couldn't even explain themselves what the money was needed for.  They had the attention of the world's media, raising awareness didn't ring true. 

Yet the Fundraising continued.  Those who have followed this case with the same obsession I have, will remember, the excruciating interviews in Autumn of 2010, when they were pleading for donations because the Fund was down to it's last half a million.  At this point, I'm sure, Kerry Needham was saying 'Ye Gods', but I don't want to digress.  Twenty quid will buy 100 prayer cards, a fiver, 5 minutes to man a 24/7 hotline, blah, excruciating blah.  FFS Gerry, the parents of a missing child man their own 24/7 hotline, they don't need paid employees, you effing psychopath.  Ok, I've had a drink, glass down, walk away. 

Here's what I typed earlier. 

Why the need for a Fund.  The Portuguese police were undertaking the biggest missing child search in their entire history. The British police were involved, the entire public were behind them.  Why the need the to plan massive fundraising events for Madeleine, the following year?  A pop concert, something sports, something arts, a Madeleine Day for the whole world?  This at a time when Madeleine had been missing for only a few weeks and could have been found at any time.

Why did John McCann and Clarence Mitchell, give up regular well paid jobs, to make searching for Madeleine their full time careers?  Realistically, most of us know, that abducted children who aren't found within 24 hours are dead, and their bodies usually turn up.  For John and Clarence, that was one hell of a chuck of the dice. 

We kind of know that all those millions were not spent on searching for Madeleine.  The one and only set of transparent company accounts released by the Madeleine Fund, showed only 13% of income spent directly on the search. 

True, the McCanns were scammed by several firms of dodgy private detectives, but bizarre that they didn't select their private eyes as carefully as their lawyers.  Bizarre too, that among the criminal activities of their former private detectives, was money laundering.  At that, apparently, they were very good.  Due to my overuse of the word bizarre, I will have to say it was also very strange that the normally very litigious  parents didn't try to get their money back from these scammers via the Civil Courts. 

But what did happen to the rest of the money?  I guess if you want to 'lose' huge amount of cash, two options would be, move it to an offshore account or employ high price lawyers.  Unfortunately, the latter, can prove to be highly addictive, it is the legal equivalent of being armed with a powerful weapon that can destroy all your enemies, all the while you can afford it that is.  When the cash runs out, so does the protection and power to destroy others. 

As a former legal secretary, I encountered many Vexatious Litigants.  Usually when I was working in Libel Law.  Once did a temp stint at Mischon de Reya, which was, hmm, particularly enlightening.  Did I ever mention too, that I did several long stints at TFLA in Covent Garden.  Just thought I'd mention that.  I knew a few of the founding partners very well, and I genuinely liked them.  They had some pretty sassy feminists running the show, and I was in awe!   

VLs never give up.  And are a gift to a lawyer aiming to up his profit margins.  It is incredible how much people are prepared to pay to prove themselves right. They truly believe that a Court ruling, will note them down in history as a good egg. Happily for lawyers, hurt feelings have no upper limit on a damages scale, and for some people, the ability to be affronted and outraged has no limits.  They will literally scour everywhere their name is mentioned in order to claim harassment. 

Just like the eejit who died protecting his right of way.  VLs are literally not happy, until they had lost absolutely everything, until they finally have nothing to mount another new libel claim.  Then they turn into Bennett, and start representing themselves.  When they win, it is not enough, next time they will win more.  As a lifelong people watcher, I have always found them particularly fascinating, it's like watching a slow motion car crash without the blood, or sympathy.  When one particular 'you will respect me' psychopath, left the office with his 5p award, declaring a win, we support staff struggled to hold back the laughter. 

Gerry and Kate may be respected medical professionals, maybe even academics, but they are not very bright.  Without wishing to be kind, God forbid, they are in fact, incredibly na├»ve.  As much as they have used and exploited others, so too they have been used and exploited.  Carried along with the grandiose ideas of spin doctors and lawyers who have walked away with a pretty large chunk of the Fund themselves. 

Madeleine's Fund cannot be separated from Madeleine's disappearance.  The public's response to Gerry and Kate's first appeals created a phenomenon the world had never seen before.  For the first time we were witnessing the incredible power of the internet as the McCanns took the case global within the first few hours, away from PDL some might say.  The world responded as they would to a major disaster, and the donations poured in.  Within days they had raised more cash for one child, than most major charities raise in a year. 

When the debates begin, and they will, some might say, that having this huge Fund, put the McCanns above the Law, and that it has prevented the police and honest investigative journalists from doing their job.  And the reason why, 10+ years on, no-one has ever been charged with the disappearance of Madeleine. 


* I should dislike this word lol, but strangely, I don't lol. 

Saturday, 30 September 2017


UPDATE:  01:10:10

I am not sure who the source of this bombshell news is (yet), but it undermines any idea that the parents and the police are working together.  The most important witnesses on the night Madeleine disappeared, are her parents and their friends.  They hold far more information than Warners' employees and the random suspects who have been cited worldwide.  Anyone of them could hold the key to what happened to Madeleine - experienced detectives can draw out details that a witness may not think important, but might solve the case.

Kate refused to answer questions from the Portuguese Police, on the instructions of her lawyer.  At the time it is possible they did not know the police files would eventually be made public, because those '48' 'no comment' answers have plagued their claims of innocence ever since.  Until now, we have been led to believe that the McCanns were co-operating with the British police at least, but the above negates that. 

I would imagine ALL clammed up on the advice of their lawyers, and this is no doubt the reason this case has dragged on for so many years.  Once a suspect says 'I want a lawyer' - that's it. The police then need to prove every element of their case, and quite often the case is simply shelved and left to go cold, as Madeleine's case was in 2008 when the Tapas friends refused to return to PDL for a reconstruction. 

This case hasn't been left to go cold.  Some, it would seem are determined to uncover the truth, and for those involved in Madeleine's disappearance, that determination must be chilling.  


Apologies for going missing in action, but the last blog was going nowhere, as one astute poster pointed out (before I pulled the plug), it was being swamped with the same malicious and sordid allegations that are promoted on websites, such as the cesspit. 

I have said, again and again, the case of missing Madeleine McCann does not need to be sexed up.  And certainly not with the freaky imaginings of a fire and brimstone preacher in Essex.  I am sick and tired of hearing about the Madeleine and the make up photographs - who the f**k thinks a 3 year old dressing up is sexual? And I hope those reading those words, had the same shiver down the spine as I had, typing them.  And certainly not a group of highly ambitious and sociable doctors who were perfectly at ease handing their talkative toddlers over to nannies every day.  And those insisting Madeleine died earlier in the week, might like to take a minute to think that through too. 

Quite frankly, my patience has run out with the 'nonsense' theories, they are so stupid and perverted they offend me, and as a follow on from that, I am going to assume they offend many of my readers too.  Bennett, Hall, HideHo and Hyatt (possibly Petermac too, can't be arsed to read him) have painted themselves into corners, and should be left there to rot.  Their theories haven't panned out, in any way whatsoever, and never will.  Please restrict them to the cesspit and weirdo corners, the sane and the logical have long since moved on.  I'm looking for the truth and my time is too precious to waste on the braindead.(Ah, now I know why my students used to call me 'the Bitch'). 

So, let's get bang up to date.  Operation Grange have been granted another £154,000 to continue their investigation until March 2018.  Most of the backlash and outrage of course, is aimed at Gerry and Kate McCann, something SY must have been aware would happen, and something that negates any idea that the McCanns are being protected.  As yet, I haven't seen any comment or statement from Gerry, Kate or their spokesman, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Team McCann, should of course be ecstatic, Operation Grange are not giving up on Madeleine, that should be cause for celebration and a prompt reunion of all the poster, t-shirt and mug makers, and of course all those missing children charities and organisations because they only have 6 months left.  May I suggest a slogan 'Scotland Yard aren't giving up, neither should we'. 

But I suppose on top of ALL the money that has been spent on the search for Madeleine, £154,000 is but a drop in the ocean and not worthy of comment or thanks.   For the family of a genuinely missing and findable child however, I am sure they would be overcome with gratitude.  Kate and Gerry cannot understand why people don't like them, if they are reading, it's stuff like this. 

In this instance however, the McCanns are not to blame for all that extra funding.  They weren't the ones asking for it.  They seemed to have accepted that Operation Grange could go no further, and were preparing to re-start their own search.  Were their voices part of the request to the Home Office?

I'm going to go with No.  Because whatever is driving those officers of Operation Grange, it is not the heartfelt pleas of the parents, or even the public.  The public overall, have moved on, very few remember, and fewer still, care.  I don't think anyone, other than Gerry, Kate, Clarence and Pamela Gurney, believe Madeleine is still alive.  For those who have moved on, it isn't really because they don't care, it's because there have been thousands of heart tugging human tragedies since.  And News in general, has become far more sensational than anything Clarence could think up.  Clarence is old school greaseball, he thinks a stern Aunty Beeb voice and a smart suit, gives him authority - such is life, he would now be crushed by a stampede of enthused fourth formers exiting a media class. 

Those still arguing that Operation Grange is one big cover up, must now be covered entirely in egg or one large omelette.  Seriously folks?  All this for an inept burglar who didn't even grab the valuables?  An uneducated misfit who has for the past 10 years dodged all those reward grabbers (at one time it was over a £1m), all those police, all those detectives?  Or a gang (which of course multiplies the number of informers) of traffickers, paedophiles, all of whom have been free to carry on abducting kids undisturbed while two police forces read files?

If you have any understanding of this case whatsoever, the complexity of the investigation should not be a surprise.  What might be a surprise, is the sheer determination of two police forces to solve it.  That is, Scotland Yard here in the UK, and the PJ, who of course, have jurisdiction and the lead over the original crime.  A good question might be, why would SY need another £154,000 to investigate a crime they can't prosecute?  Why did Amber Rudd, like her predecessor, Theresa May, write a cheque that could implicate her in a crime?

I'm not quite sure who won the poll I put up asking if OG was a cover up.  I think however, it should be perfectly clear by now that Operation Grange are not going to quit without a result.  As much as I hate to say it, for both investigations, here and in Portugal, it may have become personal.  Arguably, it did for Goncalo Amaral.   For him, it has always been about the victim, and that is leitmotif for all those dogged real life detectives who pursue cold cases. 

I have never believed that 33+ homicide officers and untold administrative staff, would collaborate to cover up the death of the child.  The idea is absurd.  People forget sometimes that police are HUMAN, susceptible to all the same emotions and prejudices as we are.  It is not a coincidence, that the best writers of crime and thrillers, give their heroes 'human' flaws.  The accusations thrown at Goncalo Amaral, of excessive drinking are not a symptom of callousness, they are symptoms of yet another dagger, tearing at the heart of an intrepid old thieftaker.  He is hurt.  And the hurt shows.  That's endearing.  Not many admire automatons.  Even Superman is having to show a dark side. 

But, let's get back to the latest news.  There was an air of finality about this last extension, the previous ones always carried an option to ask for more funds, this one doesn't.  That must send a chilling message to those responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, whether it be who we think it is, or someone entirely different. 

It would be utterly humiliating now for both the UK and Portugal, to announce to the world that despite having spent millions of pounds and Euros for over a decade, neither police force has been able to achieve a result.  I'll give the 'cover uppers' a few minutes here.  There's a lot to take in. 

Cover up, I think not.  Now is the time for those interested parties (TM) to launch a new Campaign.  And I'm talking about a reunion of those media whizzkids who made Madeleine's disappearance such a global phenomenon in the first place. They need slogans;  Tapas 6, Tapas 9, Tapas 2?  Maybe Tapas 130+, if we go by Sir Bernard HH's Freudian slip at the launch of Operation Grange.  I suspect however, with Operation Grange, we may see a re-run of everything was tickedy boo with the PJ, until it wasn't.   

But, time is running out.  Whatever, they are going to chuck at Operation Grange and the PJ, they really need to begin now.  Will they claim both investigations were unfairly influenced by Goncalo Amaral 'who had it in for them' from the start? Will they claim it is impossible for them to have a fair trial?  Will they blame Leicestershire Police, how about CEOP, how about MI5 or MI6?  Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, multiple New Labour MPs, who attached their names to the spectacular fund raising Gerry and Kate, and their bravery in demanding the shut down of Freedom of Speech? ID cards, stricter border controls, policing of the internet, compulsory DNA, you can almost hear the Blair Babes (male and female) shouting bravo, bravo, bravo. Let's ennoble the pair, dress them in ermine, and give Lorraine Kelly first option on Maid of the Toilet rights.  

I will close here.  The blog however, is now re-open.  Not for those hung up on the 'paedo' angle or those who those who unleash their inner vitriolic personalities into my post box.  No, I still don't believe in censorship, but I do have standards of morality and decency, that some of you will probably never understand.  Not because I am religious or a pillar of the community, but because I always consider other peoples' feelings.  HONESTY AND INTEGRITY.  

There is no honesty and integrity in those who come here to use anonymity to be nasty.  Your own cesspits and forums have dried up because no-one likes your nastiness, so you think you can crash mine, because I'm a namby pamby liberal who invites free thinking.   Which of course I am, 99% of the time.  In this instance however, the quality of my blog takes precedence over the garbage I am being sent.  I have no problem with people putting forward opposing views, but at least do so with a bit of civility and good grace.  I won't tolerate in your face ignorance in the real world, I certainly won't tolerate it here.